Linuxade apparel

I’m proud to announce that I’m working with in producing some new, design worthy, Linux apparel. Since this venture is still in the beginning phases, we’d really love some feedback from everyone, especially the Linux community. Visit her site, take a lookie-loo (or purchase something) and post your feedback here.

The Designs We’re Looking For

The slogan for the “teaser” shirt came from the signature I use in Gmail. It may not appeal to everyone, but I got a kick out of it and knowing that I can have it on a tee – well, that just made my FOSSy-day!

With that said, we are really looking for input on other concepts from the community. We don’t want to have too many “wordy” slogan-like tees, such as “There’s no place like ~”, “RTFM”, etc. The main idea is to really make designer apparel, so even if the people looking at your shirt, don’t get the underline message – they can still say, “Cool shirt! Where’d you get it?”

Also, for our protection and yours please only convey concepts (i.e. “How about a shirt that says; When life gives you lemons, make Linuxade”).  Copyright infringement is a sensitive issue for everyone and since is handling the design/art aspect of the shirts they cannot accept or look at any images, drawings or anything that resembles artwork, so please do not post those things in your feedback. It will not be considered. Okay… I  got the legal jargon out of the way!

Wait, Lurking, Feeding the Need

I’m very excited to see this idea materialize. I really think the combination of my enthusiasm for Linux and working with should produce some really cool apparel for my Linux community. I’ve been wanting to show the world my love for Linux, but most of the shirts out there really seem lame. I mean not to offend, but that’s my take on what I’ve seen thus far. is going to be a vendor at Atlanta Linux Fest 2009 and 15 designs are currently in the works (scheduled to be released in September).  Since these apparels are for you, your feedback on designs and concepts is greatly appreciated. ALSO, if decides to design a shirt around a concept you were the first to contribute, you will get a FREE shirt for yourself.  Lets really run with the essense of “open source” and see what the community can produce! “Go Team Venture!” (Venture Bros. quote, if you don’t know)