Above is an introduction video to Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition with Chris Perkins, Creative Manager. It’s about six minutes long and gives you a general overview of what D&D is all about.  Mix this with the podcast Critical Hit and you’ll catch the D&D-fever just like I did. I’ve always been interested in playing D&D, but never really took the opportunity to do it. After listening to the first five episodes of Critical Hit, I can see how my time in World of Warcraft was wasted!

How to Get Started

I still haven’t started so you can take this with a grain of salt, but from my observations it looks like you don’t really need much. The guys on the podcast seem to be using dice (4, 6, 12, 20-sided stuff), player’s manual, monster’s manual, a sheet of paper to mark the character’s location, and little figurines from their own collection… like old toys. I think the KEY is whomever you choose to be the dungeon master (DM). The DM seems to really keep the game going from one adventure to the next and keeps everyone in line with his/her knowledge of the monsters, races, classes, environments, weapons, spells, etc.

So; really it looks like KNOWLEDGE is the only real tool a player needs to participate in D&D. Get the players manual and create a character. Find a local hobby shop or join a meetup group in your area.

My scenario might be a little different because of my existing responsibilities (wife, kids, work, etc), but I’ll keep you posted. I’m really excited about finally getting to understand this game. The PODCAST is the biggest help to me right now. I put some useful links below.