Some of us have experienced  a problem getting the Fedora 14 Live to work correctly on a USB drive. Well; today I finally found that solution and I’d like to share that knowledge and help heal the wounds. There are a couple routes to take in order to  prepare your USB drive to boot Fedora. The more popular method is LiveUSB Creator. It was brought to my attention that Fedora 14 Live uses syslinux version 4.02. I’m guessing the website is dishing out their package with syslinux version 3.9.2. What to do!?

  1. Method 1: Grab the Correct Version of Syslinux. Visit the FAQ page for LiveUSB Creator and you’ll see a link for the appropriate syslinux RPM. Located here at
  2. Method 2: Use UNetbootin. You can use another program called UNetbootin. This is the method that I used. Worked like a charm.

The Source of the Solution

I can’t finish this post without giving props to the forum thread that saved my bacon. The entire discussion can be found here at LiveUSB not booting Fedora 14.