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Oh the Spotify Gods have smiled upon us this day! Backing up some — after the 3.6.6.x kernel update my Wine didn’t seem to load anymore. I then went looking for an alternative way to run the Spotify program and came across a forum post with successful installs on Fedora 15 and 17. I’m writing this post to sort of put it all together in a neat, consumable, package instead of the running around I ended up doing. Spoiler Alert: The native client access is ONLY for premium members.

Let’s jump right into it:

  1. Grab the RPM from meltingrobot’s Dropbox.
  2. Open gnome-terminal, navigate to the location you downloaded the RPM file, and type the following commands:
sudo rpm -Uvh –nodeps spotify-client-qt-
cd /usr/lib64/
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s

Spotify login window in Linux.


Here’s a little background about the symbolic links. The RPM was created in Fedora 15 so the libraries libssl and libcrypto are older versions. To fix this create symbolic links in order to fool the program to use the current libraries. In this instance I’m using 1.0.0j. In your version there might be different letters. Keep that in mind.

At this point I was hype and ran the program — To my disappointment I ran into a firewall error. I used my Facebook login credentials, but kept getting a 406 error. After stoping my firewall service and Googling I soon learned that access via Linux is only for premium members. Damn!

Either way; kudos to the guys on the Fedora forum for creating the RPM and discussing this process. It may not help me, but it’ll help those chumps paying for music on the Internet. Ha! :D