It’s been about 4 months now and I think it’s time to inform you that I have a new job. Yup, I’ve left the public sector to rejoin the living in the sweet, sweet private sector. In this new position my job title is “User Interface Engineer.” Sounds fancy, eh!?

I’ve been a “web developer” since I started, um, web developing in the early 2000′s. My first thought of the title was, “here goes yet another padded job title.” I wanted to pursue the exciting world of semantic web and keeping one step ahead of browser compliance. It wasn’t until I started working with this beastly web site that the word “engineer” meant something. I am totally in over my head, a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time.

Now, after work, I’m scrambling to fill my noggin’ and comprehend the world of JavaServer Faces, Maven, Ajax, and IntelliJ IDE. I’m searching for any podcast with “java” or “jsf” in it. You can imagine how exciting those hosts are. I’m searching YouTube for any and everything relevant — what a mess.

I came in with a false sense of confidence. I know each technology fairly well, but when they all play in the same park, in the same sandbox, at the same time it’s a different story. I felt completely lost and inadequate. I’ve gained some ground and won some minor battles. So i’m feeling much better about myself. The adventure continues!