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So; today, May 6, 2010 is my thirty-first birthday. It started out pretty good; I even had lunch with some guys from work. We headed out to the usual spot — Mellow Mushroom for some good ol’ pizza. We all geek’d out a little bit by “checking in” with Foursquare. I realized finally experienced how fun social media could be when you’re actually participating with people you know. I’ve been socializing with complete strangers for years. :)

Once work was finished, I picked up Leeanne from school and headed home. My wife planned a small gathering with a neighbor and my mom. So; their kids came by and it was typical noise four children make… NOISE. I don’t think there is any other word to express… the… well… noise.


What Stormtroopers Do on Their Day Off (Pt2)


I stumbled upon this site after seeing a tweet from @emperor, “This is not according to my design…” These are the coolest set of pictures I’ve seen for stormtroopers… and even better, TOY stormtroopers!

What Stormtroopers Do On Their Day Off – Part 2

Here’s a list of other related sites:

The American Food System Sucks!


The wife and I finally got a chance to look at some documentaries on the American food system. Through the magic of Netflix, we rented King Corn and Food, Inc. If nothing else, it’s been a gigantic eye opener into how much control we must have over our own lives. Americans still think that the government is always on their side or doing what’s in our best interest. This isn’t always true, it’s a fine line, especially with the food system.  Because Americans demand cheap food, the government is literally providing cheap (as in quality) food.


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