Roll a D6


A couple friends of mine introduced me to this video from Connor Anderson and Aaron Mull on YouTube. Since I’m a Dungeons & Dragons fan, I instantly loved this music video. It’s a parody song based on “Like a G6” by Far East Movement. I was surprised by how good the larping costumes were. Great Indy film.

Epic Rap Battles of History


Wow!!! I’m blown away with this EPIC BATTLE RAPS OF HISTORY series. I love the beats and these guys have some solid lyrics. These videos can be found on Nice Peter’s YouTube Channel. He’s collaborating with Lloyd Ahlquist and many others to bring these rap battles to life. I stumbled upon Peter, I think from Kassem G, and immediately subscribed to his channel. It has pretty cool music and good entertainment.

“Java 4-ever” Movie Trailer


A co-worker sent me a movie trailer entitled Java 4-ever. The movie is filled with a 5-star-status cast: Eddie Larrison, Scala Johansson, William Windows, Mona Lisa Harddrive, and Lenny Linux. We all wondered what happened to Lenny Linux. Glad to see Lenny in a movie and not another IBM commercial.

It’s probably not a real movie, but I love it. I would certainly spent my money to support a movie like this. It’s in a different language so make sure you can read the captions.

Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons


Above is an introduction video to Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition with Chris Perkins, Creative Manager. It’s about six minutes long and gives you a general overview of what D&D is all about.  Mix this with the podcast Critical Hit and you’ll catch the D&D-fever just like I did. I’ve always been interested in playing D&D, but never really took the opportunity to do it. After listening to the first five episodes of Critical Hit, I can see how my time in World of Warcraft was wasted!


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