No-IP the Alternative to DynDNS



Recently I logged into my account to continue my good free status to realize that their free service has been discontinued. I then performed an emergency Google Search for “free dns” and found What amazed me is this group is certainly taking advantage of DynDNS’ move and asked me if I recently lost my free DynDNS account. YUP! Enough of my story, here’s how to setup the No-IP client on your Fedora machine.


Upgrading to Fedora 19 using FedUp


Last night (…and a bit in the morning) I blissfully upgraded my desktop from Fedora 18 to Fedora 19 using a new tool called FedUp (FEDora UPgrader). Now; I’m no punk when it comes to installing a fresh copy of an operating system, but I trust Linux upgrades over any other OS upgrades any day of the week.


JavaServer Your Face!


It’s been about 4 months now and I think it’s time to inform you that I have a new job. Yup, I’ve left the public sector to rejoin the living in the sweet, sweet private sector. In this new position my job title is “User Interface Engineer.” Sounds fancy, eh!?

Install Spotify Natively on Fedora 17


Spotify logo

Oh the Spotify Gods have smiled upon us this day! Backing up some — after the 3.6.6.x kernel update my Wine didn’t seem to load anymore. I then went looking for an alternative way to run the Spotify program and came across a forum post with successful installs on Fedora 15 and 17. I’m writing this post to sort of put it all together in a neat, consumable, package instead of the running around I ended up doing. Spoiler Alert: The native client access is ONLY for premium members.


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